About Us

Our mission is to promote, strengthen, and advance the Milam, McGraws, and Ravencliff area through the revitalization of the Milam Creek Community.

Our vision is to foster a safe and healthy environment where Milam Creek families, can live, learn, grow, and prosper.

Friends of Milam Creek was built by community volunteers who wanted to do something about the pollution and flooding conditions of our five-mile headwater stream. Much of Milam Creek is impacted by rapid invasive species growth, Acid Mine Drainage, failed wastewater treatment options, stream bank de-stabilization, and trash/flood debris. Working to restore the Milam Creek watershed to its former glory with clean, lush waters, jumping trout, and clean creek beds, Friends of Milam Creek is building community through collaborative action, toward a healthier environment and a better tomorrow.

Friends of Milam Creek
3677 McGraws Road
Ravencliff, WV

Mailing Address:
PO Box 159
McGraws WV 25875

(304) 294-3150